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  • Independent Contractor/Consulting Agreements

  • Business Contracts/Operating Agreements

  • Publishing Contracts/Product rental Agreements

  • Memorandums of Understanding/Letters of Intent/Settlement & Release Agreements

Contracts are the legal framework supporting every business and are required so that transactions happen smoothly, without any misunderstandings. Patchen Law works primarily with individuals, small business owners and start-ups to review, draft, and negotiate all types of agreements and contracts for your various business needs. The firm also helps its clients understand the meaning of proposed contract language so that clients can make the best possible choices for their business needs.

Before you sign the bottom line, make sure to have us read through the fine print to ensure that the contract says what it is “supposed to say” or worse does not include a clause that you will sorely regret later. Don’t fall into the trap of signing a bad contract. You can and should negotiate terms that suit your needs. Contact us for a general consultation. We work closely with our clients to develop cost-effective payment options.

real estate

  • Lease preparation, review and negotiation

  • Real estate sale and purchase agreements

  • Quiet title actions

  • Landlord/tenant disputes

  • Title examinations

You may have worked out the broad strokes, but before signing a letter of intent to lease (residential or commercial property), you would be wise to consult with an attorney who can help you negotiate some important terms you may not have considered.

There are many issues that can arise in a real estate transaction. To protect your most valuable asset, it makes the most financial sense to hire a firm, like Patchen Law, with experience in a wide variety of property related issues that can provide you with invaluable legal advice to help you make better informed decisions about your property's purchase or sale and to help limit your potential exposure to liability.  Patchen Law provides legal counseling and representation for both commercial and residential buyers and sellers of real property, as well as landlords and tenants in lease related matters.

Eminent domain

  • Total (full) or partial property condemnation

  • Severance damage/Cost to cure/Business damage claims

  • Valuation of equipment, trade fixtures and personal property

  • Easements and road access issues

  • Change in road grade, drainage issues

Suddenly, you start receiving attorney solicitations about some government project that will affect your property. What does this mean? It means the government has identified your property (partial or whole) to be located within their proposed project and the government will seek to acquire it from you. Patchen Law represents private property owners, corporations, business owners, homeowners, and associations in actions throughout the State of Florida involving a government taking.

Notably, Florida is one of the few states that require a condemning authority to pay a property owner’s attorneys’ fees and costs.  The public policy behind this is to “level the playing field” so that the government does not have the upper hand in taking an owner’s property.  Full compensation is to ensure the property owner is restored to an equal position financially as he or she would have been if the property had never been taken. The firm works with a list of experts to assist in the evaluation and analysis of the government’s project plans.  We will then guide you step-by-step through the eminent domain process, making sure that your rights are protected and that you are fully informed about how the project will affect your property, its value and your future.



Heather A. patchen, esq.

Licensed to practice in Florida and Colorado, Heather A. Patchen is an attorney with an M.B.A. who devotes her efforts to ensure that her clients’ property investments are well protected. Her law practice, Patchen Law, P.A., focuses on issues involving property with a special emphasis in the areas of eminent domain, property rights, real estate, and title closings.


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brian p. patchen, esq.
of counsel

The Law Office of Brian P. Patchen is entirely devoted to an eminent domain practice representing landowners and business owners throughout the State of Florida. Brian Patchen has handled hundreds of cases involving every aspect of eminent domain for over 30 years.